The Art of People-Watching

Disconnecting life of oneself leads to a greater way of engaging the life itself. I have always loved people-watching,. It has been wonderful most of the times. Get inspired, they said. Or if you come forward to be beneficially oriented, go on people-watching. It reflects you somehow.

Cody Delistraty

There are really two types of walkers: those who are just looking to get from place to place, and those who are looking while going from place to place.

Although Walter Benjamin would turn flânerie into a scholastic pursuit in the 20th-century, it was Charles Baudelaire who first established the idea of the flâneur. flâneur, literally meaning a “stroller” or “saunterer” in French, is someone who falls into the second category. He is an urban explorer, a street connoisseur, a person who walks as a means to reflect on a city’s history, and, as a writer carries his pen, the flâneur carries a deep knowledge about industrialization, architecture and urbanity with him everywhere he goes.

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