The Beatles – Rubber Soul album review

Daddy always got it right choosing musics


RubberSoulDespite five albums worth of classic material, the Beatles in many ways were just getting started by 1965. Rubber Soul not only redefined what the Beatles were, it redefined what an album was. Turning their back on the Beatlemania era completely, this explores more adult themes along with a far more downbeat tone compared to the smiley-happy upbeat tunes of before.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys saw Rubber Soul as the first time a band turned away from focusing on creating hit singles, to making a complete album without filler songs. He would answer the Beatles’ call towards a more serious record by releasing the Beach Boys own seminal work Pet Sounds.

Wilson’s point is fair when speaking of pop bands of the time, but acts like Bob Dylan were arguably already focusing on albums more than hit singles. Veering this way made sense as both McCartney and Lennon have echoed it was…

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